August 14

Wow, check out Daniel Clowes' newly updated website, beautifully designed by the hugely talented Jonathan Bennett!

August 7

Look for an update to the website Monday, August 14, which will include great new art from Dan Clowes, Jaime Hernandez, and a biggie from Adrian Tomine!

August 4

Our old pal Glenn Bray has put together an incredibly rich tome on the great early 20th-century political cartoonist Art Young (though the designation "political cartoonist" is much too limiting for his achievements), who did stunningly trenchant work for The Masses and many other venues: To Laugh That We May Not Weep: The Life & Times of Art Young (Fantagraphics Books). Many of the beautiful reproductions are shot from original art in Bray's unparalleled collection. In conjunction with the publication of the book, Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman have penned an excellent piece on Young for the New Yorker.

July 23

The New York Times on Gary Panter

Don't miss today's nice New York Times profile of the great Gary Panter and his staggeringly amazing new book Songy of Paradise.

July 22

Jaime Hernandez: Hall of Famer!

Huge congratulations to Jaime Hernandez on his very well-deserved induction into the Will Eisner Comics Hall of Fame in San Diego Friday evening. The emotional attachment so many thousands of readers have had to his moving stories over the last thirty-seven years is truly incredible.

June 27, 2017

Todd Hignite Comic Art Launches

We are pleased to announce the launch of our website with an impressive selection of never-before-offered original artwork from contemporary comic greats Daniel Clowes, Julie Doucet, Jaime Hernandez, and Adrian Tomine. Clowes is represented by important examples from throughout his career, including brand-new artwork; Doucet with a painted cover and rare complete stories from her legendary comic Dirty Plotte; Hernandez by new work, including the covers for issue #1 of the recent Love and Rockets re-launch; and Tomine―amazingly―by the entire artwork from his most recent book, Killing and Dying.

Please check back often as we plan to regularly add new art by these artists, as well as information regarding upcoming projects, exhibitions, and publications of note.